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Gallery - Mobiles
Gallery - Stabiles
Gallery - Combination
Gallery - Copper
Gallery - Wood
Gallery - Mixed/Other



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 maximizing human potential moon-eyed whimsey New>narcissist native massacre nature's portal need survive - desire thrive no more war New>no species nonlinear path to thriving future notredeoppress on progressively wisconsin one becoming whole one in state of being one in support of the wholes one not one onerous our hopes hanging in the balance overarching concern past is prologue peace movement peace on, with and beyond earth pent-up hope perchance to dream perchance to dream together person-centered pollinator primordial emergence progress progress via nonlinearity quantum leaps of faith resolve resurrection sanctuary save the world, complex saving through complexity seeking a thriving future seeking some stability shards of war sheltered child in play shepherd New> shepherd - universal justice shepherding a thriving future silenced scream soar sojourn, rising out of vulnerability solo against the wind spirited out of chaos standing at the crossroads strong support for a greater being suspended animation sustained (by) tree of life New>sweetness swords into plowshares synergy


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