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Gallery - Mobiles
Gallery - Stabiles
Gallery - Combination
Gallery - Copper
Gallery - Wood
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Acquire GChris sculpture and 100% of Chris' payment donated to Thrive! Scholarships. Sculpture price list. 


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hope of the rising sun 2 Thrive! for all forever 911 a balanced relationship of one to many a balanced universe a hanging a more perfect union a mother's love a mother's soft embrace a positive direction above and beyond the monolithic absolutely whimsical absolute spirit accidental occurrence a delicate heart beats strongly a flight of whimseys all the good that must be done all thrive forever america, heroic spirits america, home of the free anglescape - protectected being are we thriving yet? aspiration aspire aspirant star aspiring to thrive out of chaos as you will balancing dischord and harmony being amidst chaos beginning and end of infinity New> becoming one being amidst chaos being and unabridged being at the intersection of heaven and earth being, but obtuse being different being just in balance being side by side being together beings supported by the many New>believe New> New> beyond the monolithic New> bordering on the edge of freedom breaking free breathe building a thriving future together  bully no more carefully balancing competing interests New> celebratory change we believe in chaos and being in balance New> community raising congregation conjoin for the greater good conjunction of being conscientious objection creation in balance creative blackspace creative infinities creature in balance creatures becoming beings creatures thiving current future ends badly curvescape - rising above


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