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Gallery - Mobiles
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Gallery - Combination
Gallery - Copper
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Acquire GChris sculpture and 100% of Chris' payment donated to Thrive! Scholarships. Sculpture price list. 


All Rights Reserved Gary A. Christopherson

 New>death rattle don't hurt anymore each other's back New>early extinction earth forsaken embrace the vulnerable  embracing a thriving future emerging being embryonic beginning to being emerging out of the crucible encircled, but free end the darkness, here comes the sun endeavor to all thrive forever  envision a better future New>envision earth embraced epiphany erupt, the deeply vulnerable ever higher aspirations New>existential threat exponential human potential  New>extinction - failure to thrive face up to the future New>false promise of another earth first class New>first people for the greater good forever [save the world] fractured but being whole fragility of the monolithic freedom dance from the many becomes being future afire New>future foretold and forewarned New>global failure graceful ascent great expectation hearts interwoven HealthePeople New>heartfelt care New>heroes - community raising hope of the rising sun New> hope for thriving future New>hope that all thrive hope we can believe in human infestation New>i can't breathe New> i envision New>importance of being it in defense of child's play in human form in search of greater truth in support of sentient being in support of the children's movement joined just some peace life's intervening spark lifting up from vulnerability living, breathing tapestry


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