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Mixed & Other Media

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Gallery - Mobiles
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Gallery - Combination
Gallery - Copper
Gallery - Wood
Gallery - Mixed/Other


Acquire GChris sculpture and 100% of Chris' payment donated to Thrive! Scholarships. Sculpture price list. 


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2 Thrive! for all forever a balanced relationship of one to many a mother's soft embrace absolute spirit accidental occurrence a delicate heart beats strongly america, heroic spirits america, home of the free anglescape - protectected being aspiration balancing dischord and harmony  becoming one being amidst chaos being, but obtuse being together beings supported by the many bordering on the edge of freedom breaking free breathe building a thriving future together carefully balancing competing interests change we believe in conjoin for the greater good conjunction of being creation in balance creative blackspace creature in balance creatures becoming beings creatures thiving curvescape - rising above each other's back earth forsaken emerging being embryonic beginning to being emerging out of the crucible end the darkness, here comes the sun envision a better future epiphany erupt, the deeply vulnerable ever higher aspirations false promise of another earth for the greater good fractured but being whole from the many becomes being global failure great expectation heartfelt care hearts interwoven  human infestation i envision in defense of child's play in support of sentient being in support of the children's movement joined moon-eyed whimsey nature's portal need survive - desire thrive no more war notwithstanding not another earth - pristine on progressively wisconsin one becoming whole one in state of being one in support of the wholes one not one onerous peace movement peace on, with and beyond earth pent-up hope perchance to dream person-centered progress via nonlinearity quantum leaps of faith reverence  sanctuary save the world, complex saving through complexity seeking some stability soar solo against the wind spirited out of chaos stop selfish stop supremacy strong support for a greater being summit - all thrive forever suspended animation synergy the balanced pursuit of absolute truth the deciderThe Forever Solution  the ones join to support being the parts of being in concert the phenomenology of becoming the soft embrace of being thrive thrive or not to thrive thriving cross time   thriving through life's chaos thriving with abstraction to emanate from chaos to fail is to die together touching the trinity tsunami spirit tsunami transcended upward reach from vulnerability via path from vulnerability vulnerable ascension vulnerable in america war's value whimsical child's play whimsical one wholeness of being  


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