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Gallery - Mobiles
Gallery - Stabiles
Gallery - Combination
Gallery - Copper
Gallery - Wood
Gallery - Mixed/Other


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911 a balanced universe a hanging a more perfect union a mother's love a positive direction above and beyond the monolithic absolute spirit accidental occurrence a flight of whimseys all the good that must be done all thrive forever are we thriving yet? aspirant star as you will balancing dischord and harmony being amidst chaos beginning and end of infinity  being at the intersection of heaven and earth New>being different being side by side beyond the monolithic  breaking free celebratory chaos and being in balance congregation  conscientious objection creative infinities creatures thiving current future ends badly don't hurt anymore  embrace the vulnerable embracing a thriving future encircled, but free endeavor to all thrive forever   exponential human potential Extinction - failure to thrive face up to the future first class forever [save the world] fragility of the monolithic freedom dance future afire graceful ascent HealthePeople hope of the rising sun hope we can believe in  in human form in search of greater truth  just some peace life's intervening spark lifting up from vulnerability living, breathing tapestry maximizing human potential native massacre nature's portal nonlinear path to thriving future notredeoppress one not one onerous our hopes hanging in the balance overarching concern past is prologue pent-up hope perchance to dream together person-centered pollinator primordial emergence progress  resolve seeking a thriving future seeking some stability shards of war shepherd shepherding a thriving future silenced scream sojourn, rising out of vulnerability  standing at the crossroads suspended animation sustained (by) tree of life T!rrific  the natural force to thrive the power of why the synergistic joining of beings The Thrive! Endeavor Thrive! - escape from extinction Thrive! for all forever thrive together thriving thriving abstraction thriving dance thriving forever thriving through inner strength thriving through chaos thriving through life's chaos thrivng transpires together we thrive tree of life unifying theory uplifting future vision of a less vulnerable world we shall save the world when beings intersect on balance  >whimsical child's play whimsically thriving why not pressure why (vulnerable) with heart world saved or unsaved world without war, amen  


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