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 Sci-Fi Novel @ Amazon

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Sci-Fi Novel @ Amazon


Sci-Fi Illustrated @ Amazon


Sci-Fi Illustrated @ Amazon

Thrive! - Escape Extinction

Sci-Fi Illustrated @ Amazon


Children's Book @ Amazon


Children's Book @ Amazon

  Thrive or Not Thrive?

Children's Book @ Amazon

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   Thrive! ® abstract sculpture by GChris is mission-driven.  Thrive!  sculpture supports our creating and sustaining large, positive and timely change and building and achieving a thriving and surviving future for all forever. #ThrivingFuture  Thrive!  Website - ThrivingFuture.org  Thrive!  Blog ThriveBlog.org  Thrive!  Thought & Sculpture Blog ThriveSculpture.com

    Thrive! sculpture is to be interacted with and gently touched. Some are copper, wood or both. Sizes range from a foot to dozen feet. Some make sounds when moved by wind or people; some remain silent. Some move physically; some move conceptually. All generate shadows, a second image.

    If you acquire a sculpture direct from GChris Studio/Gallery, prices are generally 50% of commercial gallery prices. For Studio direct sculpture acquisition costs, see list.

   GChris is Gary "Chris" Christopherson. GChris Studio/Gallery, formerly in Washington, DC area, is now in Nelson, WI in 1885 farmhouse and barn on Mississippi River bluffside.

GChris Sculpture Studio/Gallery on Spring & Fall Fresh Art Tour

Fall Fresh Art Tour was October 5-6-7, 2018.
Featured site. New sculpture. Visitors interacted with the sculpture.
Studio/Gallery in the Thrive! Center in renovated/restored 1885 house, barn and beehouse on Mississippi River bluffside.
Surrounded by new 25 acre bluffside Thrive! Park (public).

Fresh Art Tour - 2018  @ Facebook - Fresh Art Tour

Fresh Art Tour Fall 

Support Thrive! Scholarship Via GChris Sculpture

  Want to support students who want to help build a better and thriving future? Don’t need the tax deduction?

  Acquire GChris sculpture and 100% of Chris' payment goes for Thrive! Scholarships at University of Wisconsin - Madison. For sculpture acquisition costs, see list. 

  If you want to support scholarship and acquire sculpture, contact Chris at GChris@GChris.com or 301 318 3760.

Note: Payment is not tax-deductible. Shipping can be arranged at cost.

The Thrive! Center - Home to GChris Sculpture, HealthePeople and the Thrive! Endeavor

For those who want to build and achieve a healthy, thriving future for their family and friends, their community, their country, and world, the Thrive! Endeavor and HealthePeople are here to help. All services are provided free. All sculpture payments are donated to Thrive! Scholarship Fund. ThriveEndeavor.org

Whether for building a healthy, thriving future or to experience Thrive! abstract sculpture, you are welcome to contact Chris via email [GChris@GChris.com ] or phone [301-318-3760].

Visitors are welcome at The Thrive! Center. Best to arrange visit via email or phone. You are most welcome to come meet with Thrive! Founder and Sculptor Chris.

The Thrive! Center is located on historic 1880s  farm, in renovated farm house, barn and beehouse, and on side of Mississippi River Bluff. Surrounded by 25 acre Thrive! Park, a public park of the Village of Nelson donated by Chris.

Illustrated Science Fiction Books - Thriving and Extinction

Xtinct - Universal Justice for Earth

Xtinct - Universal Justice for Earth, an illustrated science fiction paperback book, is available for purchase via Amazon.com  or as a free download [PDF - 12 MB].

Earth and all its creatures face early extinction. Humans are the primary cause. What will be universal justice for Earth? Extinction for Earth’s offending humans. The end?

Xtinct - Universal Justice for Earth

Extinction! - Failure to Thrive

Extinction! - The Failure To Thrive, an illustrated science fiction paperback book, is available for purchase via Amazon.com  or as a free download [PDF - 21 MB].
YouTube Video @ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MCwIndCZ5yQ
Since beginning of the universe, we have observed many worlds. Some fail to thrive.
Earth's humans failed by their own actions. This is failure to thrive. This is extinction.

Extinction! - Failure to Thrive
3' x 3' mobile

Thrive! - Escape From Extinction!

Thrive! - Escape From Extinction!, an illustrated science fiction paperback book, is available for purchase via Amazon.com  or as a free download [PDF - 27 MB].
YouTube Video @ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L7bkEZWjNe4
Some worlds stand at edge of extinction. The story of Earth. Of humans. Their endeavor to escape extinction. The Thrive! Endeavor. To all thrive forever.

Thrive! - Escape from Extinction
4' x 4' mobile

New Art Book - Thrive! Sculpture & Thought

  Over 100 sculptures and thoughts in new art book available @ Amazon.com as paperback or Kindle book.

Thrive Sculpture & Thought cover

New Children's Website - "Children Thrive Forever!" ChildrenThriveForever.org

  "Children Thrive Forever" is boldest of visions for you, all children and all of our future. Children, it is your future, the one we all want and need. It is your future, one we together can achieve. When all children thrive, you thrive! Family/friends thrive! Community and Country thrive! World thrives!

 Angel - a creative Whimsey  T!rrific [terrific]

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Copper (mostly) fragility of the monolithic endeavor to all thrive forever
Wood(mostly) upward reach from vulnerability save the world, complex

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Thrive! HealthePeople Vulnerable
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 Thrive! [Building a Thriving Future].  Our communities and world are broken and their futures are endangered.  Fortunately, we have next generation ability to build a thriving and surviving future.  Thrive! is a call to action an strives to energize and empower a vast endeavor of people together building and sustaining a thriving future. 

 HealthePeople  [Building A Healthy And Thriving Future] is the vision of better health for all.  Succeeding with HealthePeople® across all healthcare will positively transform health care and achieve healthier people and a healthy America and move toward a truly healthy, thriving America and world.

 We Are Vulnerable.  We are all vulnerable to a greater or less extent. We need to minimize vulnerability and stop forces that push us down to more vulnerability and support forces that lift us out of vulnerability.  Vulnerable is a strategy to minimize vulnerability and move toward the vision of a thriving America and world.

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