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 Sci-Fi Novel @ Amazon

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Sci-Fi Novel @ Amazon

Being Unselfish 

Sci-Fi Novel @ Amazon

Early Extinction 

Sci-Fi Illustrated @ Amazon


Sci-Fi Illustrated @ Amazon


Sci-Fi Illustrated @ Amazon

Thrive! - Escape Extinction

Sci-Fi Illustrated @ Amazon


Children's Book @ Amazon


Children's Book @ Amazon

  Thrive or Not Thrive?

Children's Book @ Amazon

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The Thrive! Center - Home to

GChris Sculpture Studio/Gallery

Thrive Center and GChris studio and gallery

GChris in Georgetown Gallery

GChris Gallery in Georgetown

Nelson (WI) Studio - (Primary Studio/Gallery)

E298 Cleveland Street, Nelson, WI 54756

     The GChris Sculpture primary working studio/gallery is now in Nelson, WI in an 1885 farmhouse, barn and beehouse on bluffside overlooking the Mississippi River. It was formerly in the Washington, DC area (University Park, MD, near the University of Maryland (College Park)).

Georgetown Studio/Gallery (Former Gallery)

3144 Dumbarton Street NW, Washington, DC 20007  

     The GChris Sculpture Studio/Gallery was located in the heart of Georgetown, at Wisconsin Ave and Dumbarton Street. 

Hours:  You are welcome to visit the studio/gallery. Hours are informal. If you want be sure it is open for your visit, contact Chris by phone (301-318-3760) or email (GChris@GChris.com ).
     People can "get close" to the sculpture and experience the movement, sounds and shadows that are the "life" of GChris sculpture. Some will move as you blow or gently touch them. Some not only move themselves but cast moving shadows on the gallery walls. Some make sounds as the copper pieces interact with each other.
    People can reach me at the Nelson Studio/Gallery to discuss sculpture. I also talk people through the creative process from a sculpture's conceptualization through to its careful execution and display.   

New Book - Story of Thrive! Center and Thrive! Park

In response to many questions about the Thrive! Center and Thrive! Park, this tells the story of how they came about and what they are. Complete with photos of both Center and Park. Available in paperback and eBook via Amazon.com  or as a free download

Thrive Center and Park book

The Thrive! Center

What can you do at The Thrive! Center?

Thrive! Discuss and strategize our future. Extinction? Just surviving? Thriving? All thrive? Join Thrive! Endeavor?

HealthePeople. Discuss and strategize achieving healthy people. Best personal, community or country health system?

Thrive! Sculpture by GChris. Tour Studio/Gallery. Interact with 200+ sculpture. Payments to Thrive! Scholarship.

Thrive! Park. See great views of Mississippi River and Lake Pepin. Walk/hike bluff side/top roads and trails.

Historic 1885 Era Bluffside Farm. Tour renovated/restored house, barn and beehouse. Views of Mississippi River.

In the future, The Thrive! Center will be donated by Chris to the Village of Nelson to be part of Thrive! Park.

 Thrive! Center environs

Studio Gallery - house and barn gallery Barn gallery
beehouse gallery
GChris Sculpture Logo

 Thrive! Sculpture by GChris

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